What’s the Point?

A Bit of Context
Back in 2016 I stumbled across a challenger bank called Monzo. Until then I’d always banked with one of the big banks, but Monzo changed my view on everything financial. I joined in the days when it was nothing more than a pre-paid Mastercard with big ideas. I was super excited when they launched their current accounts and I moved my salary and all my direct debits over.

It was a completely new banking experience, and it allowed me to manage my money in ways I’d never been able to before. In fact I was so impressed with the Monzo way that in 2019 I applied for a job there, and now I’m on the inside looking out.

Doing it Differently
Monzo made me realise it’s possible to do things differently and there are now lots of companies in different industries trying to emulate what Monzo did. In other words they’re trying to build challenger companies in markets which have traditionally been dominated by several, often international, giants. They tend to be companies which are aiming to be more ethical, put the consumer first and avoid the baggage which comes with being titanic-esque.

My mission is to find as many of those companies as possible, move my business there and take advantage of the benefits they offer. Many of the companies are small and agile and have a transparent approach to communicating with their customers. By getting involved early you can help shape their ethos and trajectory. Of course the true test is what happens as the company gets bigger and you can no longer have the impact you had at the beginning. We’re starting to see this at Monzo, now we have 4.5 million customers it simply isn’t feasible for us to host open office events, or engage with each individual customer as we once could. However that initial period set the trajectory for the future and the motto of making money work for everyone isn’t going anywhere.

I’m aiming to share some of those companies that I’m trying to out, sharing my experiences and my thoughts as they grow and hopefully encourage others to give them a go too.

Let’s see how this goes…

(My first post will be on ecologi a rather fun carbon offsetting website)

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