34, South Yorkshire. (This is Tinder right?)

Hi! I’m Dan 👋🏼

This is My Space! Not that My Space, but my space.

I’m on my third career, and probably my thirteenth attempt to blog regularly. I haven’t previously found the staying power, but I find writing both cathartic and thought provoking so this time I’m going to stick it.

I set the blog up to provide some motivation to document my attempts to improve my environmental footprint on the world, but I already have blog posts in my head which are broader than that.

I currently work for Monzo Bank, as a financial crime specialist. I’m lucky enough to live in my own little corner of God’s own county and most of spare time is spent in the garden and the greenhouse. I’m trying to remember if I had any interests before Covid-19, but that seems like such a long time ago.

I’ve previously been a tram-train driver, and an English teacher – finishing as Head of English before I’d had enough of the education system.

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